5 Methods for Earning Money from YouTube

You have probably heard stories about people making money from YouTube and wondered how you can do it. At the start it may sound unrealistic, but after you give it a try, you will be surprised by the result. The following are the best-proven methods for earning money from YouTube.

Monetize your videos with the YouTube partner program

After you have created several videos of whatever length, join the YouTube Partner Program. This means that you will be allowing YouTube to place ads to your videos. By so doing, you will acknowledge that there are no copyrighted materials in your video. The process takes just a minute to set up, and YouTube will select ads to be shown on all your video and then you can start earning a portion of the revenue.

Make videos, any videos.

You have to realize that, by just setting the monetization up, money will not start flowing quickly. You will have to make as many videos as possible. The better side of it is that it can be any video. Make one minute video that has some humor in it, talking about anything, and upload it. With time, you will start receiving revenue from the videos.

Set annotations to link to iTunes

Once your account is monetized, you can enable annotations that will provide links to Google Play, iTunes, and other websites. You can achieve this by just enabling the annotations and adding one to your video. This will instantly create traffic to sell your videos as they will have a greater target of viewers.

Make tutorials to teach your knowledge.

As you will realize, tutorials are very many on YouTube. From anything you know, you can create videos about it, teach others how to do it, and make money from the videos. You can decide to make fashion videos where you post videos that contain the latest trend, create lectures teaching your accounting or drawing skills, as well as videos containing a new dancing style that you gained.

Sell other people’s products as an affiliate marketer.

You can easily make a commission by selling other people’s product as an affiliate marketer. Thousands of companies give attractive deals to affiliate marketers who are willing to market their products. Big companies like eBay and Amazon can pay you a good amount of money if you market their products through your YouTube account. Your YouTube account can also be linked with other affiliate networks like Commission Junction, ShareAsale.com, and Click Bank.

5 Methods for Getting More Views on YouTube

Youtube has an excellent potential for creating awareness about a brand, goods or services that a person offers. The challenge, however, is that there are thousands of videos existing on the platform and users keep on uploading more videos by the minute. Each of these users hopes to get views. So how does one ensure his or her video is visible and attracting views or traffic? The following are 5 Methods for Getting More Views on Youtube.

Conduct research for your video channel

The secret to attracting plenty of views to your video is first understanding the viewers. Doing so requires research to determine the purpose of the video, the target audience, the content value the audience seeks, and where besides YouTube is the audience found. Armed with this information, you can brand your videos in a way that it appeals to the targeted masses. A relatively easy method of researching is by analyzing Youtube videos with the most views or shares.

Create quality and timeless videos

When it comes to the web content is king. People see the videos because they hope to get value in the form of knowledge, entertainment or nourishment. For this reason, the content should be valuable, of good audio and video quality, non-discriminatory, and one that cuts across religion, race and gender. It is amazing how many YouTubers upload videos that fail to meet such standards and wonder why their videos are not attracting views. Remember the easiest way to get more views is when the video goes viral, and every one is sharing or tagging their friends. No one wants to share poor quality and boring videos.

Write engaging and detailed video descriptions

When you upload a video on Youtube, neither Google nor Youtube can watch or even listen to it. Instead, they rely on the text a person used to describe the video to understand and even rank the video. Since Google uses the words in the video description to list it, it is only prudent for a person to provide a detailed description. After all, if you took your time to make the video and upload it, spending a few minutes writing its story won’t hurt. Besides, with a better ranking, you get more views.

Optimize on video Keywords

Although it pays to have a good YouTube ranking, it is more rewarding if the classification extends to Google and search engine searches. It is obvious that many websites’ traffic comes from search engines like Google, which create page rankings depend mainly on the keywords used. Therefore, if you want more traffic to your video, consider using appropriate video keywords that will give your video an edge in the search engine results page. An easy way of identifying the video keywords is to discover the keywords used by other YouTube videos appearing on the first pages of the search engine, and then use those words in your video description.

Capitalize on social media platforms

Social Media platforms are useful tools for getting the message out to the masses. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, Whatapps, Instagram, Pinterest and many others are worth utilizing. Post links to your video on those platforms and even proactively ask the online community to view, like, comment and even share with their friends and relatives. However be careful not to spam the social media accounts of other users. A novel idea is joining communities and forums dealing with issues your video addresses. To a member’s question offer valuable answers and post the link to your Youtube video that provides detailed information.

How Social Media Can Help You to Grow Your Brand


Social media is quite popular nowadays, especially among the youth. In fact, a lot of people today are seeking solutions to their problems on the Internet, particularly on these social media websites. The popular ones include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others.

Keep in mind that social media websites are the best way to promote your business or brand. This is because you can find huge audience on these platforms. These sites can help in many ways to grow your brand, although you have to apply certain strategies, such as creating an engaging Facebook page in order to connect to the audience. Outlined below are some of the ways social media can help you promote or grow your brand.

1. Wide Range of Audience

On social media websites, you can find millions of people from every corner of the world. These websites help you connect with your clients in a very easy way. With the help of your official page, you can reach to maximum audience by regularly updating your business status, hence growing your brand. Whenever you update your brand status, your audience will know what is new in the market and start creating interest on the same.

2. Connect with New or Potential Customers

Using social media you are likely to get potential clients. Remember you need not only to depend on the existing customers, but you need new ones. So, if you use social media as a marketing tool, you are likely to get new customers for your brand.

3. Keeping an Eye on Competitors

Through social media, you can very easily keep a sharp eye on your competitors. This is because they are also going to advertise on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. That way, you are going to monitor their moves, so you can implement new marketing strategies they do not know. Whenever they try to copy your new strategy, they definitely make mistakes and therefore you remain unique on that line of business.

4. Cost Efficient Way

Social media is an effective yet inexpensive way to promote your brand. This is true because you can create accounts on social media free of charge. In fact, you will not be charged anything by the websites to market your business.

5. Better SEO

Through search engine optimization, you can greatly promote your brand. Social media is another good way of SEO. Through regular posts and tweets, you can improve SEO for your business. This helps in navigating your site and business in major search engines such as, Google, Yahoo, and many others.

Social media can really help your brand grow enormously. Remember nowadays people are not only surfing using computers, but also using mobile devices such as phones and tablets. If you utilize these free websites pretty well to market your business, your brand will definitely gain quick recognition. Whilst social media isn’t a magic trick to generating huge amounts of traffic, it is a great way to instantly tap into your target customers. Almost every niche of person is using social media now, so it can be a great way to beat out your competition and secure customers that they have not addressed yet.

YouTube Marketing (Connecting and Growing With Other YouTubers)

Most YouTubers find it very hard to get other creators to do collaborations with. Lucky for them, there are plenty of online conventions and sites that promote these types of collaborations. YouTube alliance or collaboration is any collaborative attempt made by two (or sometimes more than two) YouTubers to boost and increase their audience by engaging together. Whenever you want to work together with another YouTuber on a video, you need to ensure that their work is very identical to yours. If one YouTuber has a sports channel, and the other has a music covers channel, you are going to experience difficulty finding common ground. Preferably, try to find a partner who makes videos that are suitable to the needs of your audience.

Always remember to state your intentions from the beginning. Being partners, you both need to set targets, meet deadlines and finish the needed tasks. If the YouTube collaboration has to work out, you are going to require partner who will meet you halfway on every project. It is not collaboration if one partner ends up doing 95% of the entire project. Let us take a look at How to Connect with Other YouTubers and Grow Together;

Collaboration Video

You can try to create a video. You can both upload bits of the video to your independent sites or channels and also provide the link to each other in the video definition. It is significant to encourage your audience to look at the other partner’s channel. This can be achieved by simply having a call to action at the terminus of every video

Making Surprise Guest Appearances

You can also appear in one another’s YouTube vlogs. Either one of you can interview the other about your work, how you contribute to the YouTube society, generally any topic that is relevant to your audience. Furthermore you can exchange guest appearances. This will boost and improve both of your YouTube channels.

Guest Vlogs

This option mostly works when it is hard to meet or get together to create a collaboration video. However, this is made easier by use of Google Hangouts. It enables partners to do round tables and even guest appearances even though it is still not the same as making the video together. Another substitute could be making your own videos then swapping them and uploading on each other’s channel. If the topics are similar and significant then definitely this will work. You should also try to popularize and call to attention your guest appearance in your prior videos before you upload it.

Conclusively, if you have established a great potential partner and you still haven’t initiated any contact with them, you can try to connect using emails, blogs or social media. When you determine the suitable collaboration partner, you can boost your audience and subscriber total.

How To Get More Shares On Your YouTube Videos

If you are of those people that you have already tried a lot of things in order to boost your YouTube views, but you don’t really gained the shares you wanted, read the following great ideas on how to get more shares on your YouTube videos.

Gain more Subscribers

The best way to get more shares on your YouTube videos is to have more subscriebers. When someone subscribes to you, all of your new uploads will show up on their home page and they may even subscibe in order to be notified by email when you come up with something new. But how do you get new subscribers? Of course you need upload amazing content on a regular basis. But apart from that a good idea is to ask them through your videos to subscribe. This is because a lot of viewers don’t think about subscribing to anyone at all, but if an annotation just comes up on their screen reminding them to do so, they will be more likely to click through to subscribe to your future videos.

Use bulletins

YouTube bulleltins were introduced about 2 years ago and it’s one of the best ways for you to use in order to make more people share your contents. More specifically, as you build up your subscriber base, it’s crucial to be able to communicate with your followers; you can do this through bulletins, by sending out videos as well as text to all your subscribers and the bulletins automatically appear on the homepage of your subscribers. So, keep sending out bulletins, in order to let your followers know that you uploaded new content.

Get video responses

Another very effective way by which you can get more shares on your YouTube videos is by posting them as video responses on more popular related videos. You can do this very easily and this can actually get you more clicks and shares, if you post it to the right video. For example, first you need to go to the video you would like to post your own response. Next to the comment box you have to click on ‘Create a video response’ and you’ll directed to a page that lists all your videos and you’ll just have to click on the one you want.

Insert keywords

The best way for people to find you is through keywords. Keep in mind also that YouTube is the No.2 search engine in the world, behind Google. For example, you can insert keywords into your video title when they are relevant. You can choose a descriptive title, that will help people to immediately understand what your video is all about. This way you’ll be able to generate easier more traffic to your YouTube uploads.

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