3 Big Benefits of Using YouTube for Your Business

YouTube processes over 3 Billion searches in a month which makes it the second largest search engine and the 3 rd most visited website worldwide after Google and Facebook. Over one billion people visit YouTube each and every month which is why anyone in business should consider including it in their marketing strategies or campaign. While there are wide ranges benefits that come about when marketing through YouTube, there are 3 Big Benefits of Using YouTube for Your Business.

It helps increase your rank in Google’s search engines

YouTube videos include a link to the business website in its description. One of the greatest features of YouTube video is, when someone is viewing, there are many chances they will visit the main site if the video impresses them. This ultimately leads to higher ranks on Google search engines and the good thing about it, is that it’s not costly. You can upload many videos as you want, for absolutely no cost and there is no need to make a professional advert. All you need to use is a handheld camera and the editing tools available through YouTube.

It gives you a chance to grow your Audience worldwide.

Your YouTube video has the potential to be seen by millions of people around the world. One characteristic of a video is that you can be able to capture an attention in a few second a visitor clicks on them especially if it’s engaging and entertaining. So, when compared to written content, you are more likely to get a higher percentage of an audience and more click through rates (CTR). The brilliant combination of video sharing features with YouTube also create an opportunity for audience engagement which means your audience promotes you while they still buy from you which improves your business or brand exposure.

It allows you to build your own email List

If you want to create an enormous number of email subscribers for your business, you can use YouTube for absolutely no cost. There is a free software that allows you to embed a sign in directly into the YouTube video. A video can be temporarily stopped until they enter their email, which builds your email list in a matchless way. Many at times, business owners feel that there are fewer chances of email subscription, but statistics shows that if someone watches at least 2 to 4 your YouTube channels there are more likely to subscribe, which is far much better as compared to any subscription you can get from your site.

As you can see, YouTube is no doubt a viable platform that can help grow your business in an unimaginable way. If you invest some of your time to learn the main features and components of this platform, it will for sure show itself to be a worthwhile addition to your business.

3 SEO Tips for YouTube Videos

YouTube is today the world’s second biggest search engine. It has a huge untapped traffic source. It boasts of over a whopping 30 million visitors each day. Below are three simple, yet very effective strategies on how to optimize your YouTube videos for Google and YouTube rankings.

Find Video Keywords

Just like anything that has to do with SEO, you need to do keyword research. The goal here is to find the keywords whose results feature on Google’s first page. These ones are called video keywords. Optimizing your video for keywords that do not have any video results in Google will mean that you will only get traffic from people who will be searching on YouTube. Conversely, if you correctly optimize for video keywords, then you will get targeted traffic coming to your video directly from the first page of Google.

The best way to find the much-needed video keywords is to conduct a search for keywords specifically in your niche. After finding the keywords, use Google’s Keyword Planner to find out whether the keyword has enough search volume every month. The threshold that the search volume of any specific video keyword should meet to qualify as enough is usually three hundred searches every month. If a keyword gets at least three hundred searches per month, then that means it gets decent amount of searches in YouTube itself.

High Quality Videos

The most useful YouTube ranking signal is user engagement. No matter how much you try to optimize your video for search engines, if it is a poor quality video, then it will not rank. YouTube judges your video usually based on how YouTube users interact with it. And how does YouTube know this?

There is a range of metrics that YouTube uses to determine if your video is of high quality or of low quality. For example, it considers video retention, comments, people who subscribe after watching, how many people share your videos across social media sites, how many people favorite your video, and how people use the thumbs up and thumbs down feature. You can agree that these things will reveal a lot about the quality of your video. Therefore, produce high quality videos that will enamor users to your videos, and your users will thank you in kind.


The YouTube video description is very important. Google and YouTube usually rely on the text description of your video to determine the video’s content in order to rank it. You should describe your video mindful of the following:

  • Put your link at the topmost area of the video.
  • The description should be at least 250 words.
  • The first twenty five words of the description should contain the keyword.
  • Include the keyword 3-4 times in the description.

Equally important are tags, video title, and video filename. Use them with SEO in mind.

If you do these things well, you will see an exponential growth in the numbers of your audience as you will rank well both in Google and in YouTube itself.

3 Steps to Using YouTube to Drive Traffic to your site

Small companies have found out, rather painfully, that commercial websites are useless without traffic. Your website may be the most glamorous around, but if people can’t find it, it won’t help you make profit or create publicity for your brand. YouTube is one of the most powerful platforms that that you can use to get people checking out your website. And there is a reason why: it accounts for more than 12% of all internet searches by itself! Now that’s phenomenal. So how can you maximize its potential? Here are 3 steps to using YouTube to drive traffic to your site.

Step 1: Be precise in communicating what you do

Sounds obvious, right? However many people forget to do this, and therefore YouTube watchers will not have a clear idea of what you are selling. A rule of thumb is to have a concise and compelling call to action (CTA) message at the end of your video. Make sure that the viewer is informed of how to reach your website. In your CTA, thank the viewers, and urge them to head over to your site for more related content.

Step 2: Describe your videos

Anytime you upload a video on YouTube, you are presented with an opportunity to describe your content. This is absolutely important, but many internet marketers never take advantage of this feature. You can turn that video description box into a potent traffic-getting machine by inserting a call to action followed by your website URL. You can go on to add another paragraph of text describing the content of your video, followed by your website URL (again) at the end.

Step 3: Create a call to action overlay

The CTA overlay is some sort of a banner that is positioned near the lower part of the video. This persistent message is always on the face of the viewer, hence it gets to stick on their minds. Many people do not know of this feature or its potential to capture and redirect vital traffic to their websites. It takes only a few moments to set it up so go ahead and use it when you upload your videos.

Using these three tips will do wonders for you. Remember to always make sure your videos are of a good quality and that the content is catchy and interesting. This way the viewers will be hooked from start to finish.

A Closer Look At 3 Ways To Market Your YouTube Channel

Promoting your YouTube channel is not an easy task and requires a lot of dedication and knowledge. YouTube is currently the world’s second popular search engine. You can market your channel using various platforms like twitter and facebook.

The current market is very saturated and marketing your YouTube channel is not as easy as before. However, these three steps will help you promote your YouTube channel fast. Below are 3 Ways to Market your Youtube Channel.

1. Always Submit To Crowd Sourcing Sites

You are likely to get many hits once you decide to use crowd sourcing sites to promote your work. These sites include Reddit and StumbleUpon .

Once you submit your content to these sites, it is worth noting that you are more likely to get more hits if you give your content an amazing title. Make sure that you research on ways to get exposure in these sites to ensure that you yield positive results.

Crowd sourcing sites will give you exposure and ensure that your YouTube channel gets more subscribers.

2. Ensure That You Always Target The Right Keywords

It takes approximately one hour for you to come up with the best keyword. Getting the right keyword requires you to do extensive research so that you can get a keyword with a high search rate.

So the real question is how to get the best keyword. Below are sources that will help you get the best keyword for your content.

  • The Google Keyword Tool is a tool that is quite popular and serves to reduce your workload. When you use this tool, it is advisable that you pick a keyword with low competitive scores and high search rate.
  • The YouTube Keyword Tool is another tool that is quite good when it comes to getting the right keyword. This tool not only helps you get exposure but also helps you save a lot of time. You also get to save a lot of space by using this amazing tool.

3. You Can Also Create Social Media Share Buttons To Help You Promote Your Channel

You can use two platforms to help you promote your YouTube channel. You can generate a link and use twitter to expose your work to your audience.

You can also use facebook to promote your channel. All you have to do is generate a link and post it to your audience.

Facebook and Twitter are two platforms which will give your work great exposure and in the process get you very many hits. It is very important to ensure that these buttons are on the first line of the description box to ensure that your viewers always see them.

These three ways will help you boost your presence in YouTube and in the process promote your YouTube channel.

3 Tips for Amazing Marketing on YouTube

YouTube is the biggest platform for sharing video files, where over 3 billion views is created daily. In fact more than 35 hours of material is added to this social network every hour. However, despite these incredible facts, there are business people that haven’t fully used all the advantages of video marketing. Most people love to learn more information about a certain service or a product by watching a video rather than reading a text. The single fact that video creates unique content helps their rankings on the search engines. Google Panda Update shows that websites that used video marketing, had higher positions than those using only text. There’s a number of examples that prove this, but the botttom line is that the use of video and promotion trough social network marketing is a valuable option for your promotion. With this in mind, we bring you 3 tips for amazing marketing on YouTube.

Tip 1 – Q&A Video

What are the 10 most common questions about your business? Find out which questions are those, and then use YouTube for marketing and upload a video on your page. Maybe text is easier to create, but creating a video to provide answers is more powerful. This way, you will add extra value to your answers. Think of it as creating TV commercials that won’t be shown on TV but instead will be shown on your website. If you have enough money you can hire professionals that will greatly facilitate and speed up the work.

Tip 2 – User Testimonial

We’ve alll seen testimonials such as: “This is the best product on the planet!” What do you think about this testimony? Try using YouTube for marketing to create much more convincing user testimonial of your products and services. Anyone can write one, but making a video file is very convincing and authentic.

Tip 3 – Demonstration of Products

If you want to sell a product, you can take advantage of YouTube to promote the product and give user experience to understand first hand how the product will help them. Simply reading about the product features in the form of sentences makes the product lose its luster. But when you watch a video that really shows the benefits and advantages of the product and how it’s used properly is much better. Words speak but the video sells!

Using YouTube for marketing is amazing! People learn visually. Video provides the best explanation, demonstration and gives the best answers. By providing demonstrations and a virtual tour, sharing testimonials and answering questions, you create tremendous trust and credibility with your clients, even before you meet them!

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